It is no secret that golf is a game of inches. Misjudging a single shot’s distance can have a snowball effect on your round’s score and your overall quality of play. Fortunately, rangefinders can provide golfers with pinpoint accuracy in determining their exact distance to the pin or desired marker on a hole while also showing its slope. By using a rangefinder golfers of all experience levels are able to eliminate the guessing game from golf and get a better feel for their clubs and swing by getting a deeper understanding of their distances and ability. And, if nothing else, rangefinders will save you from having to search for sprinkler head yardage markers!
Below we have included some of the main reasons a rangefinder is a must-have accessory for every golfer.

Understanding Your Distances

You walk into the tee box of a 125-yard par 3 and begin to square up, the pin is right there and you know the distance, but what club do you hit? Experienced golfers know their distance per club down to inches- although this seems implausible to the recreational golfer a rangefinder can, in fact, get you close to as familiar with your individual club distances. By making regular use of a rangefinder casual golfers can draw parallels between specific yardages and exactly what club will get them there. A grasp of club-to-distance comparison is one of the most basic fundamentals of a great golfer. After all, there are few things as deflating as crushing a perfect shot off of the fairway only to realize your poor club choice left you 20 yards past the green!

Learning A Course

Pinpointing exact distances to the pin is only one feature of a rangefinder. They can also be used to learn more about the lay and quirks of a course. Your rangefinder can help you determine whether you can clear a water feature or should stick to a layup shot, the best line to avoid a bunker, and much more. There are millions of scenarios to use your rangefinder in to help shave off strokes.

Improve Pace of Play

Golf is known for its long list of etiquettes, perhaps the best known is keeping a fast pace of play. While we love the game of golf being stuck behind a slow foursome, or worse, part of a slow foursome can be utterly frustrating. By adding a rangefinder to your bag you can drastically speed up your pace of play by getting a fast, accurate distance reading and knowing on the spot which club to hit and with how much power behind it. A combination of being able to quickly line up your shots and fewer strokes per hole on average mean rangefinders can improve the pace of play dramatically.

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