Spin control is a part of golf that is often talked about yet difficult to master. If you, like many other golfers, think to yourself, “I wish I had better spin control,” during a round, this breakdown is for you!


Few moments in golf are as disheartening as connecting with a great pitch shot only to have it fly off the back of the green and into the rough. Fortunately, not all blame here can be placed on yourself. Oftentimes, wedges that have dull grooves are to blame for the lack of spin on pitch shots and thus lead to long bounces off the green. Sharp grooves on wedges are imperative for spin control and ball placement on mid-range shots, and, luckily, it is easier to sharpen grooves than one may expect. 


Before you place all the blame on your grooves and hurry to sharpen your wedges, we will take a moment to break down how the clubs create spin and why grooves play such an important role in this.


How Do My Clubs Create Spin?

During your swing, the grooves in your wedges essentially grip the ball and trap it to the ground. This is accomplished as the downward force with your swing partners with sharp grooves on the club face to initiate backspin. As important as grooves are for your wedges, they, unfortunately, will wear out over time and become dull, meaning the ball will face less friction, move up the club face, and, in turn, experience less backspin.


Ways to Re-Sharpen Dull Grooves on Clubs

If, in fact, your grooves are dull and your missed shots are not simply poor swing mechanics or other issues, sharpening grooves to ensure spin control is a relatively simple process. Many pro shops will offer in-house regrooving, but doing the job yourself is just as simple and can save substantial money. Using a re-grooving tool, golfers can quickly return their club faces to a like-new condition and feel the difference on their next swing. Re-grooving tools are cheap and available online and at many pro shops, making them a preferred option for serious golfers everywhere.


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