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Certainly we can all agree that if one isn’t able to perform certain key movements without a club in hand to ingrain the feelings we depend upon during an actual golf shot,

> then we certainly can’t expect to have those movements and feelings show up when trying to hit a golf ball.

We need to deeply ingrain the proper movements and related feelings…

> so that as we approach any given shot on the course we can perform a pre-shot routine including a waggle that produces the feelings that will be needed to perform the shot at hand.

You will improve faster and more deeply experience the proper movements and related feelings when you learn how to spend more time and concentrated effort without hitting balls or even without a club in your hands.

This is a powerful methodology to learn for many reasons; with no ball or even club:

> You can focus solely and therefore deeply on specific movements/feelings because you don’t have the distractions around hitting the ball to a target, or “swing thoughts”.

> You can practice virtually anywhere and anytime, even for 30 seconds here and there.

  • Practicing for a minute or so a few times daily is far more effective than doing nothing for days and then going to the range and practicing for a couple of hours…
  • …it is very tiring to practice for more than 40 minutes and therefore very difficult to really concentrate on ingraining the proper feelings that are really all you have to depend upon when playing a round of golf…
  • …and it is very easy to gain a false sense of accomplishment when hitting ball after ball in rapid fire sequence relative to playing a round.
  • That is, you can train in some compensating complicated movements that are inherently unrepeatable except when you can hit one shot after another, after another in rapid fire sequence…
  • …that just isn’t realistic and won’t translate over to actually helping you with any given golf shot on the course.


Episode 1A – Wax On Wax Off – Hands


What the mind believes the body does; 

> With all of the disagreement out there around what the golf swing is and isn’t we can all agree on that preceding statement. 

  • So before I demonstrate the simple moves and feelings that we can very easily work into everyday life in the spirit of a Wax On Wax Off approach, I address the “why” behind the moves and feels.
  • …or else the mind won’t allow your body to embrace and ingrain those moves-feels.

> It follows that I need to address “why” in a comparative manner against examples of the more popular “voices” on Youtube. 

  • For a foundational understanding of the unique benefits of my classic technique versus mainstream modern golf approaches, check out:


> In short, I am showing you a classic golf swing versus the current drum beat of the modern golf swing which is performed beautifully by world class athletes who have been performing the modern golf swing mechanics since a very early age.

  • But the modern golf swing isn’t the best way to swing a golf club which I think I proved in the prior blog and video series.
  • In short, at 60 years old, performing the classic golf swing which I only started learning when I was 57 years old, my Kinematic Sequence is the same as that of the average tour pro (except for nuances related to classic technique versus modern)…
  • …and my club head speed (6-iron versus 6-iron) is right in the middle range of that of the average tour pro.

> I assure you that it is my technique that allows me to accomplish these results;

  • There is no way that my body can perform the modern golf swing in a way that would produce anywhere near comparable results to that of the average tour pro.


Episode 1B – Wax On Wax Off – Hands


With the “why” covered, we focus on the “what and how” as it relates to the hands as the source of motion for the club head and the body.

Interestingly, the free momentum of the club head is also the source of motion for the hands;

> We cover the domino effect of how the hands react to that free momentum, 

  • and then how the arms react to the hands.
  • and then how the shoulders react to the arms,
  • and then how the body reacts to the shoulders.


Episode 2 – Wax On Wax Off – Body


We cover how we need to stand up to the ball so that our body can react to the above listed domino effect of reactions.

We also cover training drills for the body to ingrain the related feelings you need to experience as it reacts to various phases of the golf swing.


Yours in better ball striking through classic technique,

Ted Williams, Certified Instructor – Croker Golf System

 Feel free to write me with any comments or questions; TWilliams@MyGolfingStore.com