“Reality: The Hands are the Source of Motion for the Body; 


Illusion: The Body is the Source of Motion for the Arms and Hands” 


And I will prove it right here and now with this 8:36 minute long video from my mentor, Peter Croker, PGA-Australia:



The above video, after a couple of minutes spent on


> Establishing a balanced stance, and


> Special attention to proper right arm measurement to the ball; 


> Peter stands on swivel discs to demonstrate how the hands are the source of motion for the body pivot.


In addition to the main theme, pay close attention to the anchoring of the right knee-hip so we can hit away from a stable right leg.


  • I WAY too commonly see golfers chasing after the club head into impact with the right knee; 


  • The opposite needs to be the case in that we need to throw the club head away from a stable right leg.


Special thanks to Peter Croker, PGA-Australia, for allowing me to share his compelling demonstration with MyGolfingStore golfers.


Signing off for now.  


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Yours In Better Ball Striking Through Hands Being the Source of Motion for the Body,


Ted Williams, Certified Instructor – Croker Golf System