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Magnet for Eagle Eye Golf Rangefinder


The Magnet for Eagle Eye Golf Rangefinder is the best new companion for your Eagle Eye Golf 800Y Rangefinder! Designed to simplify your golf game, this magnet attaches your rangefinder to the golf cart in between shots, allowing for quick and easy access at any hole. Committed to making golf equipment accessible for everyone, we strive to provide high-quality yet affordable products to all golf enthusiasts!

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  • QUICK & EASY: Made for functionality, style, and durability, the slim velcro band is more slim than other rangefinder straps and is easily adjustable ensuring your rangefinder is always within arms’ reach. 
  • STRONG MAGNET: This rangefinder magnet band sticks to any metal surface with a tight, secure grip and will absorb shocks, withstand bumpy cart rides, sharp turns, and sudden stops. It can be securely attached to golf cart rails, golf wedges and push carts.
  • SLEEK, MINIMALISTIC DESIGN: Designed to ensure it does not interfere with buttons and other functionalities of the device. Its high-quality elastic material and velcro locking system eliminates the need for a buckle-and-hook system.
  • FITS ALL STANDARD RANGEFINDERS: The Magnet for Eagle Eye Golf Rangefinder is compatible with all other standard-sized golf rangefinders on the market. 

* The Eagle Eye Golf Rangefinder itself is not included in this purchase.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2.5 × .75 in