Kerrod Gray
PGA Professional

Kerrod is one of Australia’s leading golf instructors. He is an industry awarded PGA Professional and the spearhead of a new generation of golf coaches. He first discovered golf at the age of eight while vacationing in New Zealand and after many successful years of junior and amateur golf, he undertook a 3-year PGA traineeship at the Nedlands Golf Club. After this invaluable time spent here, he graduated as the top trainee and won the National PGA Trainee Excellence award in 2013. In recent times Kerrod was a finalist for the 2018 Australian PGA Game Development Teacher of the Year, was named the 2017 WA PGA Game Development Teacher of the Year, the 2016 West Australian PGA Professional of the Year and continues to impress. In a sport which is being driven by science and technology, there’s always the need for those who can understand the information in its complexity in order to break it down and explain it in its simplicity.

As a lifelong student of golf, he is constantly learning, seeking new perspectives from fellow coaches and information to further his passion for golf instruction & coaching. Kerrod’s philosophy is to ignite passion and enthusiasm in his students and maximizing potential using a holistic approach.