We just wanted to take a moment to congratulate our very own Matthew Bradybury for taking the PGA Player Of The Year (NH Chapter) Award home this year! Matt has been working really hard to accomplish this award this year and we are all very happy for him here at My Golfing Store!

Even though Matt’s been busy playing in tournaments, we still have had time to film for our members. With that being said, we just released some more video’s and best yet, you get to learn from the PGA Player Of The Year!

Videos are in the following categories…

Training Aids – We had a lot of questions on proper fitment and use for the Power Band and Swing Corrector so we went ahead and made another series of videos for each of them. We show you many ways to utilize both training aids!

How to hit into the wind – We get this question a lot..”How do you flight it down into the wind?”. We went ahead and made videos with both the driver and iron’s to show you how to maximize your distance into the wind!

Go ahead and check them out as we are excited to share them with you!

Your Friend,