‘Do The Opposite’ Series – Realities Versus Illusions

Episode 1

“Recognizing The Miraculousness Of The Best Golf Swing”


Miracle or coincidence?  Click the above picture for the video.

*For the purpose of this blog, you’ll only need to view the above video from 3:17 – 7:24 to understand the message*


“Reverse every natural instinct and do the [exact] opposite of what you are inclined to do and you will end up with a near-perfect golf swing.”  


What is Ben Hogan, legendary ball-striking king, trying to tell us in this straightforward yet puzzling statement that he really wanted everyone in love with this game to heed?

He was warning us of the illusions of the golf swing – but why?


Because he knows every new golfer is inescapably subject to being tricked by the swing’s illusions.

He knew that the body will only do what the mind believes;

> if the mind believes the illusions, then it will command the muscles to move in ways that are aligned with a mind-born imaginary world and not with the physical realities of this real physical world.


Therefore, we must disconnect our mind from its imaginary beliefs, 

> and educate the mind to replace those fantasies with realities grounded in the physical world.


The physical world consists of the laws of physics and the laws of bio-physics;

> and how those sub-worlds miraculously intersect.


By “miraculously”, it is 

> as if the Creator was playing some impish game of fun on those chosen people who are both blessed and irrationally smitten enough to fall in love with golf.


By “fall in love with golf”, I mean not just enjoying it as a pastime [not that there’s anything wrong with that], 

> but really dedicated to trying to get as good as we can get until as late in life as possible…

– while we can still stand and hold a club, or even just breathe so we can at least imagine hitting great golf shots.


Once the mind’s commands become aligned with the realities of the physical world, it is miraculous to see that

> how the club head “wants” to freely move based upon the forces exerted on it by the laws of physics…

– matches up exactly with how a human being’s in-born [instinctive and “pre-installed”] “muscle memory” wants to automatically move in natural reaction…

– to the forces being exerted on the hands by the club head’s free momentum.


Do you see now what I mean by “miracle”?  

> Just these 2 complex worlds interrelating dynamically in such a hand-in-glove manner is hardly a coincidence;

– therefore, it must be a miracle almost by definition.


But wait, the miracle gets even more miraculous!


> the way the club head “wants” to move is also the way it needs to move [when handled by reflexively reactive hands] in order to create the type of interaction between the ball and the club face…

  • so that the ball is struck smartly and sent high and straight to the thrilled golfer’s intended target.


This wonderfully artistic and scientific intertwined 

> triune miracle is a bit complex, but never complicated.

> And it is completely counterintuitive, 

– yet after getting a good piece down this path of epiphanies and very cool discoveries, the golfer finds many of the discoveries yet to come will actually come intuitively.


So, what are these illusions that every new golfer is inherently bound to accept as “realities” even though these “realities” aren’t real because they only exist in their imagination?

And, what are the REAL realities that need to replace those illusions?

And, how do we train ourselves to do the exact opposite of what we are naturally, though [exactly] wrongly, inclined to do?  


That is, how do we move in alignment with the realities of the physical world?


I will seek to answer those burning and imperatively important questions in the upcoming Episodes of this Series for one reason, 

> so that those hopelessly in love with golf can have fun with The Creator’s miracle-based impish game being played on us, while getting as good as they can possibly get.

> You see, the key is to realize there are a myriad of tricks being played on you;

  •  when you recognize that a game of trickery is being played on you, then you can approach the golf swing in a much more effective manner…
  • especially when you find a ball-striking training system that takes on the illusions of the golf swing straight on.


Join me for the fun – won’t you please, as the golf journey is best enjoyed when we share our individual experiences…

> so that, even though it is a very personal journey, we are never alone.


Questions?  Comments?  Reach Ted at TWilliams@MyGolfingStore.com.


Signing off for now.


Ted Williams, Certified Instructor – Croker Golf System