Some of our members have reached out to us and asked us to film some specific videos for their game. We have just finished filming them and uploaded them to our member platform so everyone can benefit from them!

The new videos are in the following categories;

Driver – How to get more distance out of your shots

Sand Trap – We filmed three different types of shots out of the sand for all playing conditions

Around the Green – We filmed “how to hit the flop shot” and “the bump and run” around the green.

Keep your requests coming in and don’t forget to send in your swing analysis for our coaches to take a look at for you.

Also, we just added two new training aids to our store front! The swing corrector and the power band are two training aids that are very cost effective and will make a HUGE different in your game in a very short amount of time. Check them out Here!

Lastly, we would like to start blogging about your favorite local courses. Send us in your photos of your favorite courses with you and your buddies on it and tells something about it. We would love to build a strong community around our members!

Your Friends,
My Golfing Store Inc.