Hey Everyone!

We have uploaded some new videos to our site this morning and we are excited to share them with you! These videos were shot specifically for our customers who have requested them. We appreciate the feedback and can’t wait to continue to fulfill more video requests from all of you. Don’t forget to send them in!

The recent videos added are in the following areas;

Putting – We have added some putting drills that will help you work on the cadence of your putting stroke. We are giving you information that will help with the lag and how best to judge your putts so we can cut down on the 3 putts (finally!).

Intermediate Shots – We have been asked by folks “How do you hit a draw, or a fade, or create that backspin around the green. Well we have now made videos on all of these.

Driving – Last but not least, we have added a few more long distance driving videos where we use the 5 easy steps to break down the setup and execution. We brought in a new pro to help us out with these videos and we are excited that he is joining our team.

Mike Martel is our newest pro at My Golfing Store and boy can he hit the ball a country mile. Make sure to check out his videos as well as he is very informative about this game we all love, golf!

Your Friend,
Tyler Hall