As the holiday season rolls on, you may be on the hunt for the perfect gift for the golfer in your life, or maybe just a gift for yourself! Whether you are fortunate enough to live somewhere you are able to golf year-round or are looking for off-season training accessories to keep your game in check until your course re-opens, My Golfing Store has you covered! Continue reading below to see My Golfing Store’s full 2022 holiday gift guide. Our online golf store has something for golfers of every skill level this holiday season!

Gifts For an Experienced Golfer

What do you get for the golfer who seems to have it all? How about the Eagle Eye Elite rangefinder?  Take the guesswork out of your shots and shave strokes off your round with a precise rangefinder. With our Brand New and sleek design, our Eagle Eye Elite rangefinder 1000Y W/Slope will have you dialing in your shot from anywhere on the golf course and have you stop wasting time guessing your distance! Not only that, you will create a great habit on the course that will allow you to shoot lower scores by knowing when to use the proper club. With the slope technology, you will be able to determine the accurate distance for up and downhill shots.

Eagle Eye Elite Rangefinder

Improve Your Golf Swing at Home

Looking for a gift for a golfer whose main goal is to work on their swing power and control right at home? The Pure Path Swing Trainer allows golfers to focus on perfecting their swing without needing a driving range or a huge lawn!

Pure Path Swing Trainer

Training Tools for Golfers of All Skill Levels

On top of our accessories, My Golfing Store also offers our Par Golf Academy online training membership option unlocking hundreds of hours of training video modules and breakdowns from our team of coaches and pros. No matter if you are hoping to tack on a few extra yards to your drive or are hoping to gain a better feel for your irons, every golfer can learn from the Par Golf Academy!

Screenshot MGS Trainers

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