“Reverse every natural instinct and do the opposite of what you are inclined to do, and you will probably come very close to having a perfect golf swing.” – Ben Hogan

Building upon the 2 epiphanies laid out for you in the prior article, we’ll talk about the “magic” that many folks refer to when watching a free-wheeling *Hogan-esque* ball striker.

*** Note: I say Hogan-esque in that having tried like the dickens for decades to follow his 1957 “Five Lessons” [thee most read book on golf instruction ever], I learned that there are some things in that book that must:

a) be modified
b) be fully embraced
c) be completely let go of

To be clear, I tap the Hogan “magic” fully in terms of the strike, but go about getting there in a way that doesn’t require some highly difficult [now “mainstream” type] moves and timing.

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Before talking “magic”, let’s summarize the prior article. The goal isn’t to mimic classic ball strikers by manufacturing what we see them doing:

> it is about tapping into the same instinctive neuron pathways that we all have in common so that we feel what the legendary classic ball strikers are feeling and doing when they react to the free momentum of the club head.

> again, it isn’t about focusing on and training in the classic swing mechanics; that is, swing mechanics don’t create the hit…

> it is instead about understanding that the classic mechanics are the result of embracing the instinctive intention to throw the club head at the ball in a way that sends the ball to its target.

> The hit creates the swing…the swing doesn’t create the hit.

We create the classic mechanics by feeling what classic ball strikers are doing when it comes to slinging the club head back away from the ball only to then throw it back down at the ball.

Each of us is inherently designed to move in ways that will throw the club head at the golf ball with the incredible precision needed to send it to its intended target.

Otherwise the tool makers and beta players of the 1500s wouldn’t have invented golf in the first place. Most folks in those times made a living moving their hands and bodies instinctively in order to make their crude tools work precisely and with amazing efficiency.

That is, they wouldn’t have invented a game with movements that the human body wasn’t inherently capable of performing well.

> I’m not sure if our golfing ancestors would laugh or cry at what the mainstream golf instruction industry has done to their game…

> that is, in short, the consensus for generations has been to kill the hit instinct in favor of manufacturing a pretty looking swing through rote muscle-memory based training of swing mechanics.

> In my considered opinion, great golfers have emerged from such mainstream training in spite of it, not because of it.

> Starting young enough when the mind and body are in a short window for being amazingly pliable breeds great golfers that the “mainstreamers” point to as proof their golf swing works.

> What you don’t hear is that, like learning gymnastics and a foreign language, once that short window early in life has passed it is tremendously difficult to learn such contrived movements requiring sophisticated timing.

> What you also don’t hear much about are the injuries that these great golfers carry; they exercise diligently in order to manage and hopefully prevent related injuries from such a swing as they age.

Okay…now, regarding “magic”. The precision required for that collision between the club head and ball is SO incredible that it is the stuff of magic.

Think about it – doesn’t magic come to mind when you consider the ball is in contact with the club face for less than 1/2000 of a second as the club travels about a half inch.

Of course it isn’t really magic – but it sure can feel like it!

Your next epiphany starts with understanding the science behind the “magic” associated with the interaction between the club face and the ball.

Your epiphany will hit after you see how I reverse engineer from the science of that club face-golf ball interaction to show you the exact hand action that creates that “magical” moment of truth.

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You will see the trick is to throw the heel of the club head at the ball right from the “top”.

I can hear the thoughts of sacrilege from the immediately preceding statement – I’m waiting for the mainstream golf gods to release lightening bolts my way.

Yes, I hear it, “…nonsense, completely illogical, defies human reasoning…absurd…!”.

Excellent – I’m glad you feel that way; that means you are ready for an epiphany that will lead to a breakthrough.

Watch the above-referenced video(s); I’m here to help you break through…this requires me getting you out of your comfort zone.

Okay, Ted Williams signing off until our minds meet again on my next article and/or exclusive video here on MyGolfingStore where I plan on bringing you more breakthrough opportunities.