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Why Should I Regroove My Golf Clubs?

Spin control is a part of golf that is often talked about yet difficult to master. If you, like many other golfers, think to yourself, “I wish I had better spin control,” during a round, this breakdown is for you!   Few moments in golf are as disheartening as connecting with a great pitch shot…
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My Golfing Store Inc. 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

As the holiday season rolls on, you may be on the hunt for the perfect gift for the golfer in your life, or maybe just a gift for yourself! Whether you are fortunate enough to live somewhere you are able to golf year-round or are looking for off-season training accessories to keep your game in…
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5 Easy Ways To Fix Your Golf Swing

While all sports require dedication and precision, few require quite as much as golf. The complicated and precise physics which play into a great swing are part of what makes golf so difficult yet rewarding. No matter your experience or handicap there is always room for improvement in order to unlock a consistent swing pattern….
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56 or 60-Degree: Choosing the Right Wedge

Your wedges are some of the most important clubs inside your golf bag. Within the wedge group, two of the most useful and versatile are the 56 and 60-degree. Each of these wedges comes with unique pros and cons. In this blog, we will break down the differences between the two and the situations in…
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The Root Cause Of All Swing Faults Is Muscling The Club – How To Do The Opposite Without Trying To Change Your Swing

The 2 Core Realizations Every Golfer Must Embrace The first 5:22 of this video covers the first part of the video series. Ted then goes on to speak about the Laws of Physics in relation to the club. Realization #1    It takes 0.25 seconds for the club head to go from the top of…
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Will A Rangefinder Improve My Golf Game?

It is no secret that golf is a game of inches. Misjudging a single shot’s distance can have a snowball effect on your round’s score and your overall quality of play. Fortunately, rangefinders can provide golfers with pinpoint accuracy in determining their exact distance to the pin or desired marker on a hole while also…
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‘Do The Opposite’ Series, Episode 4 – A Thinking-Free [Timing-Free] Golf Swing Comes From Really Knowing And Embracing The Realities [Versus The Illusions] Of The Golf Swing

“Reality:  Pushing on the Handle VERSUS Illusion:  Pulling on the Handle” For as much as I refer to Hogan on things like the grip, stance and hand action, you may be surprised to hear that I have a major issue with the transition and downswing as presented in the second half of his “Five Lessons”…
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Interactive QUIZ – The ‘Do The Opposite’ Series Episode 3 Follow Up

Quiz – How The Hands Are The Source Of Motion For The Body [Versus The Opposite]   Hello My Golfing Store Golfers!     I trust everyone continues to enjoy the Quiz format where we have you review the related video and article, or vlog, in order to answer related questions.   The idea is to…
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‘Do The Opposite’ Series, Episode 3 – A Thinking-Free [Timing-Free] Golf Swing Comes From Really Knowing And Embracing The Realities [Versus The Illusions] Of The Golf Swing

  “Reality: The Hands are the Source of Motion for the Body;  VERSUS  Illusion: The Body is the Source of Motion for the Arms and Hands”    And I will prove it right here and now with this 8:36 minute long video from my mentor, Peter Croker, PGA-Australia:     The above video, after a…
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Interactive QUIZ – ‘Do The Opposite’ Series – Realities Versus Illusions Episode 2a/b Follow Up

Take This Interactive Quiz on ‘Do The Opposite’ Series Videos Watch Episode 2b before taking this quiz! QUIZ here!  Questions?  Comments?   Feel free to reach me at      Yours In Better Ball Striking Through Hands Being the Source of Motion for the Body, Ted Williams, Certified Instructor – Croker Golf System