Here is a two part series where Ted teaches the technique of loading, unloading and delivering the finger-hand-wrist-forearm-elbow sequence for club head speed and ball compression.


Part 1: Learn how the key source of power, consistency and ball compression is in the hands.

Part 2: Learn how the body pivot transports the hand-based power pack to ensure stability and structure through impact.


Let’s get started.


Part 1: Learn how the key source of power, consistency and ball compression is in the hands.

There is a precise and consistent way to use the fingers of the left hand, along with the straightening of the right elbow, to generate club head speed and forward shaft lean for maximum ball compression.

In this 6-minute video you’ll see exactly how the left thumb pushing down [like hammering a nail] and the left last 3 fingers [curling inward toward the left palm] accelerates the club head into and through the ball while dynamically leaning the shaft forward into and through impact for ball compression.

First you will see how the automatic kinematic sequence works starting with the left hand’s fingers and then moving to

– the hand,

– then wrist,

– then forearm,

– then elbow socket outward,

– then torques the upper left arm inward so it dynamically marries into the upper pectoral as it pushes backward so that the straightening right elbow can push against a resisting left hand into and through impact.*

*This left hand / left side resistance to the pushing right side is the key to finishing the pivot as we’ll see in Part 2.


As an introduction to Part 2, the resisting left arm through impact becomes a structural extension of the left side of the body so that when the right arm straightens through impact it pushes the left side open at just the perfect rate and keeps the pivot moving.

– This works much more dependably than trying to time when to open the left side and trying to pull the right side into the shot with the right amount of force to fit the shot at hand.

– The continued pushing of the right hand against the left hand past impact ensures the hip pivot doesn’t stall or decelerate;

– this is critical because when the pivot stalls/decelerates then the club head momentum will overtake the hands and the club head will flip or roll through impact without the stability needed to offset the force of impact with the ball and the ground.


After seeing how the hand-based power pack is unloaded to deliver club head speed and ball compression, then you’ll see how to

– load the power pack, and

– how to consistently and precisely measure up to the ball in set up so the power pack is in position to unload into the ball precisely for each shot.


Stay tuned for Part 2! 


Yours in better ball striking,

Ted Williams, Certified Instructor – Croker Golf System

Feel free to write me with any comments or questions;