“The Timing-Free Automatic Transition”

This video and article covers how to develop a seamless timing-free transition by:

– Allowing the hands to react to the free momentum of the club head, and 

– Allowing the arms to be articulated by the hands’ reactions to the club head’s momentum, and

– Allowing the body to react to the arms.


Our Croker Golf System handle-first [club head last] take-back and the resulting back-SLINGING of the club head gives the club head its own free momentum.

> Then we allow that action from the free momentum of the club head create an automatic kinematic sequence that,

– first articulates the hands;                                                                                                                                                      

– so the hands’ movements articulate the arms;                                                                                    

– and the body reacts to the arms’ movements.


[For a refresher on kinematic sequence, see MGS blog series covering my swing’s Kinematic Sequence Report.]


Amazingly, I’d even say miraculously, 

> allowing the club head to move how it “wants” to move [free momentum], creates

> this kinematic sequence of actions that the hands/arms/body wants to do,

> to automatically create an inside-to-out swing path toward the ball [A to B],

> in order to reflexively-instinctively deliver a square club face to the ball [covered in Episode 2 – Physiology of Impact]].   

This V-log concludes our “Let’s Make Golf A Reflex Sport – Practical Physiology Series”.  


The concurrent MGS V-log Series, ”The Miraculous Series – A Thinking-Free [Timing-Free] Golf Swing Comes From Really Knowing And Embracing The Realities [Versus The Illusions] Of The Golf Swing” will be the focus going forward with a new format;

> Each V-log will be followed the next week with a Questionnaire geared toward growing and deeply rooting your ball-striking IQ.


Signing off for now.

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Yours In Better Ball Striking Through A Timing-Free Transition,

Ted Williams, Certified Instructor – Croker Golf System