The “Pre-Shot Routine”

This video and article covers how to develop a meaningful pre-shot routine that: 

– Readies your Central Nervous System for the upcoming shot,

– Rehearses the feelings and intentions for the shot at hand,

– Occupies your “slow brain” so the “fast brain” stays in reflexive mode during the swing.


The importance of a pre-shot routine that addresses the above key factors is very important to executing each shot. 


After your “slow brain” has done its job to assess lie, wind, distance, safe-miss zones and alignment with the ball’s target;

– We need to have a process for transitioning from its thinking mode to the “fast brain” reflexive mode needed during the full second needed for a golf swing.


A mantra serves to occupy the “slow brain” so as to keep its reflex-killing thinking from disrupting the reflexive mode needed to hit good golf shots.

– My mantra is, “Tap, tap, tap, push, push, hit” which I’ve built in deeply and fairly quickly by practicing that mantra when I practice my chip shots and putting.

 – this “trick” on the “slow brain” transitions over from short shots to the full swing very nicely.


We must also train in the movements that will ready the Central Nervous System for the shot at hand 

– By making movements that put the CNS at ease, like going from its highly preferred horizontal eyeline orientation to a tilted eyeline once we are over the ball..


Also, the CNS is reassured by the pre-shot feelings and intentions being rehearsed will 

– Produce movements that are safe for the vulnerable joints and body parts. 

– This gives the CNS the green light to allow those safe movements to occur without impedance during the shot at hand.


Signing off for now.


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Yours In Better Ball Striking Through A Meaningful Pre-Shot Routine,, 


Ted Williams, Certified Instructor – Croker Golf System