How to build stability at address, and maintaining stability throughout the swing.

This article and the accompanying video covers how to: 

– stand up to the ball with stability, and

– address the ball with the proper measurements.


A proper stable stance with the right measurements to the ball: 

– eliminates, or at least minimizes, the need to make compensating movements during the swing,

– and requires no talent, only proper practice.


This video includes me ranting a bit against the oft taught and popular concept of dipping the left shoulder toward the ball in the backswing.

> I demonstrate how dropping the left shoulder toward the ball is not a good idea at all as it 

– creates inherent instability, 

– is very hard on the lower back, and

– is really only for those tour pros and better players who started doing this move as children and have convinced their Central Nervous System over many years that it is safe…

– …and they specifically weight train and condition their aging bodies to tolerate the unnatural movements required to make this left shoulder dip work.

– Otherwise, it is not advisable if it is not working for you and certainly not advisable if you are trying to learn how to do it now as an adult.


Signing off for now.


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Yours In Better Ball Striking Through Maximum Stability, 


Ted Williams, Certified Instructor – Croker Golf System