Creating FREE club head momentum – and the physiology [and physics] of reacting to it. 

This article and the accompanying video shows the classic handle-first [club head-last] take-back to get the club head dragging so it can sling back freely into the backswing. 


I cover the physiology related to the physical forces exerted on the hands from both;

> a freely swinging club head versus from the opposite and

> far more common approach where the golfer exerts force on the club head.


The vast majority of golfers exert their will on the club head and thereby kill the club head’s free momentum in favor of controlling the club.


However, this instinct to control the club head is not conducive to controlling the club head at all because it will make both;

> your physiology work against you in an effort to protect you from potential injury, and

> the physical forces of the club head work against you to produce the dreaded flip.


Remember Hogan’s words, 

> “Reverse every natural instinct and do the exact opposite of what you are inclined to do…to end up with a near perfect golf swing.”


That is, our instinct to control the club head will actually lead to us fighting our central nervous system and the laws of physics;

>  You’ll see from the associated video that the more we try to control the club head, the more control it has over us.


The goal instead is to give the club head its own free momentum so you can feel the forces exerted on the hands…

…so that we can feel how to facilitate what the club head wants to do [versus fighting with it].

The more we try to control it directly, the more it will fight back against our efforts to control it.


For more on this ‘classic handle-first/club head-last approach’, check out the following article with embedded videos [including Harry Vardon, circa 1900 1:30 mark] and graphics; 

> “Let’s Rediscover The Cornerstone of Classic Ball Striking


Yours In Better Ball Striking,


Ted Williams, Certified Instructor – Croker Golf System