Quiz – How The Hands Are The Source Of Motion For The Body [Versus The Opposite]


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I trust everyone continues to enjoy the Quiz format where we have you review the related video and article, or vlog, in order to answer related questions.


The idea is to get you to really understand the material which takes some intellectual effort due to it being:


> SO counterintuitive,


> like Hogan said, “Reverse every natural instinct [inclination]…and do the opposite…”.


With that, here is the Quiz on the first half of Episode 3 of the ‘The “Do The Opposite” Series’.


Before starting on the Quiz, you might do well to watch the following select video clips from prior MGS vlog videos:


Set Up; “Set up so you don’t get upset.” [“Crokerism” from Peter Croker, PGA-Australia]

https://vimeo.com/688978094 between markers 2:30 to 4:47


*Impact; Note How The Hips Rotate While The Shoulders “Rock” Instead Of Rotate

[Training in this hip rotation while shoulders “rock” is the key to curing over-the-top!]

https://vimeo.com/672797175 between markers 00:58 to 4:15


Mechanical Advantage From Hands Pushing Against Each Other

https://vimeo.com/672797175 between markers 05:59 to 7:53


Grip Review; So Hands Push Together Against The Proper Opposing Pressure Points

https://vimeo.com/646992535 between markers 3:18 to 7:24


Hip Pivot; Hands Continue Pushing Against Each Other To Full Follow Through

https://vimeo.com/688978094 between marker 4:47 to 7:27




Before starting the Quiz please open the related video


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