Hitting solid iron shots consistently is a key factor in playing excellent golf, but for many players it can be extremely difficult to remain consistent. Irons can cause a lot of problems in your game and they are not nearly as forgiving as some of the other clubs in the bag.

So how do we hit our Irons consistently? Lets take a look at 3 key factors!

A controlled swing – Trying to swing as hard as possible is one of the most common faults we see in golfers. When you try to kill the ball every time, your swing is likely different all the time. We always recommend to our players that they take shorter softer swings to develop your swing technique. We have several videos with drills addressing this area!

Contacting the ball first.  If your club is bottoming out (hitting the ball fat) before you make contact with the ball it’s going to be much less likely that you’re going to hit your iron shots well. If you’re having problems with this, we have multiple videos addressing this area, come check them out!

Proper alignment. Alignment is a big one. We see this a lot with our golfers. In fact most golfers are just unsure of what they’re doing wrong when lining up to the ball. If your shoulders, hips, knees and feet are not lined up square it could be causing you inconsistencies in your swing. Or if you consistently line up off target, it could be causing that slice every time! In our videos we use alignment sticks to help you visualize where and how you’re supposed to be lined up for different shot types.

Focusing on these 3 areas and watching our videos associated with each, you will be hitting consistent and great Iron shots in no time!