Wax On Wax Off Series Video – The Finale

In this video you’ll learn how to:

a) Connect and blend the pivot and hand action.

b) Hold the follow through to grade and measure performance to ensure improvement.

c) Understand that being able to master the chip shot in the way shown is the gateway to hitting solid full shots.

d) Take videos of your practice sessions from the three angles that Ted covers;


+ the next video will cover how to use free and simple technology to archive and edit and notate your videos so you can really make sure you are improving.

+ if you want to move in the direction of playing like the 1%, then you have to practice like the 1%;


– that includes videotaping one’s practice sessions and watching those videos, and taking notes so that your next session is more effective.


Yours in better ball striking,

Ted Williams, Certified Instructor – Croker Golf System

Feel free to write me with any comments or questions; TWilliams@MyGolfingStore.com