Have you always wanted to learn how to hit that nice and consistent high draw or high fade? Well now you can! Simply Login to our members area and check out all the new videos we just uploaded. This months videos primarily focused on hitting intermediate shots such as high fades and draws but we also added videos in several other sections as well.

New Videos

hybrids– learn to hit the high fades and draws with your more forgiving clubs first! You will find new videos in the hybrid section where we use alignment aids to help us learn that feeling of coming in to out etc. so we can learn to consistently hit these intermediate shots.

Putting– learn more about speed and tempo in the putting section. We all know putting is extremely important to the game so we will continue to add videos in this section.

Chipping Around The Green– We have uploaded some videos that will help you work on your landing zones when chipping onto the green. We have added in some drills to practice that will hopefully help you land your ball closer to the hole.

Chipping Out Of The Rough– We filmed a few videos on how to make better contact in the thick rough. A lot of people have been asking about this as it can be a tough task at times. We have just made it easier for you!

Lastly, please keep the questions and suggestions coming in as we love to make these videos for you!

Your Friend,
Tyler Hall