Recently I caught the ‘Seinfeld’ episode where George has the epiphany that his instincts have failed him his whole life, and in every aspect of his life.
George starts to do the exact opposite of what his natural inclinations are telling him to do and gets transformative results:

> he dates a beautiful woman, gets his dream job with the Yankees, moves out of his parents’ house and moves into his dream apartment.

The premise of the show reminded me of Ben Hogan’s quote [paraphrased]:

“Reverse every natural instinct and do the [exact] opposite of what you are inclined to do, and you will probably come very close to having a perfect golf swing.”

Well, watch a clip of the episode and judge for yourself:

‘George Does The Opposite | The Opposite | Seinfeld’

So, George doing the “opposite” of what he is inclined to do transformed his life.

If one comes to a similar epiphany in what Hogan was trying to lead us to about our golf swings, will they be on the path to sustainably improve their ball striking?

I for one, can tell you with great confidence that the answer to the immediately preceding question is YES; based upon

> my own experience dumping decades of effort into doing things in my golf swing that were perfectly logical and were in line with the mainstream consensus,

> and then coming to the point where I kissed those sunk costs goodbye and embraced the opposite of those long and closely held beliefs.

If you are a golfer truly seeking to improve, it is my sincere wish that this fun little article with a funny ‘Seinfeld’ episode and a stretchy reference to Ben Hogan leads you to question if a radically new approach might just be what is needed to reach your goal.

If you’d like to explore this idea of Hogan’s for ‘doing the opposite…for a near perfect golf swing”, here is the first episode of a series of videos and articles to help you do just that:

Yours For Taking Hogan’s Advice To “Do The Opposite” So You Can Have A Near Perfect Golf Swing,


Ted Williams

Head Coach/Featured Contributor – My Golfing Store

Certified Instructor – Croker Golf System