Ted Williams here, Certified Instructor – Croker Golf System [Mentor: Peter Croker, PGA-Australia] and MGS Head Coach and Contributor.

Thanks for the great question regarding how to play uneven lies and bad lies around the green. 

The weather didn’t allow me to create a video in response to your inquiry, but I perused related Youtube offerings and handpicked some videos I’m sure you’ll find helpful.

Although the uneven lies footage is for full shots,

> I think you can still use the information to help with short game shots in terms of how uneven lies affect ball flight, backspin and rollout and aiming:

“SLOPING LIES: The ultimate guide on how to play them correctly”


“How To Chip From a Bad Lie!”


I hope this helps – if you have any questions or comments please write me.


Ted Williams, MyGolfingStore Head – Coach/Featured Contributor
Certified Instructor – Croker Golf System