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I selected a number of videos below that address your inquiries, namely, 

> hitting 300-yard drives [see DeChambeau related links below] with consistency [which requires syncing hand and hip action], plus how to maximize transfer of body mass into the club head at impact [very overlooked way to maximize distance], and,

> how to hit chip and pitch shots [including how to impart backspin to control roll-out]; interestingly, the same fundamentals required to hit 300-yard drives apply to chip/pitch shots.

There are a lot of videos here – but in case you just want to “cut to the chase” I highlighted a few videos that most directly answer your questions; and most of the videos only require a couple-few minutes of viewing time.

So let’s start there:

“Discovering And Embracing The Realities Of Impact To Replace The Exact Opposite Of What The Mind Believes” [Article w/ embedded 2-minute video]


“How the ball flies” [2 minutes]


Now let’s look at the bio-physics of impact closely, and how the hands need to work in order to compress the ball and impart pure backspin:

“Physiology of Impact – Chip Shot Technique Demo” [Article with embedded video]


Video – Maximizing Mass Transfer From Body To Clubhead At Impact [5:02 to 9:40]


Video of Ted demonstrating chip shots [1:02 to 2:55]


“Chipping Around the Green for Maximum Backspin / Croker Golf System” [3:20]


Now, in order to compress the ball as described in the above videos, we need to understand the “secret” of the late-hit action that we see in good ball strikers.

“Dispelling the illusion of the late hit angle / Croker Golf System” [2:27]




Here Peter Croker, PGA-Australia, demonstrates how the hands are the source of motion for the body – really the only way to automatically sync the hands and hips:

> this relates to both full shots and chip-pitch shots!


> The hands being the source of motion for the hips-torso is the most dependable way to keep the hands and hips in sync.

– Keeping hands and hips in sync will keep us from being “handsy” where the wrists are flipping the club head out ahead of the hands in an effort to lift the ball [versus compressing the ball]:


Key To Bryson DeChambeau 344-Yard Tee Shot Average

At the heart of the technique is a handle-first [club head last] take-back,

> this is the type of take-back/backswing change that Bryson DeChambeau learned a few years back when he transformed his game especially around hitting the most monstrous drives on the Pro Tour:

This article includes a picture of DeChambeau using this take-back technique:



 “Lee Trevino Gives AMAZING Golf Tips” 2 minutes [per minute markers below] 

30:13 to 31:40 “putting – push the handle back first”

Note that though this is in reference to putting, it also *applies to full swing and short game shots* as well:

30:13 to 31:40


Harry Vardon [record 6 British Open Championships]1 minute:

This classic technique of pushing the handle back first as applied to full swing is the missing link for so many golfers who have forsaken the classic fundamentals in favor of the modern approach.

Watch this video 1:25 to 2:20 with special text slide at the 1:40 mark [no audio]:


If you don’t have a classic Hogan-esque golf grip, then your results will be greatly compromised:

Video of Ted demonstrating the classic Hogan-esque grip [3:15 – 7:21]


Hands push against each other and oppose each other for stability and connecting-syncing hand action with body action: 

> This idea of the hands opposing each other is a classic technique so that the hands can be the source of motion for the body [which is the best way to ensure hands and hips are in sync.

> Peter Cowen is often regarded as the best golf instructor in the world, and he is in step with the technique that Peter Croker, PGA-Australia [my mentor] and I teach.

> Start watching at the [5:00 – 8:00+] for a few minutes regarding stability through impact having to do with the hands opposing each other [pushing against each other].

Worlds BEST golf coach TRANSFORMS my game in 25 MINUTES!!  [5:00 – 8:00+]

“Heavy head” / hitting the ball with the right shoulder:



Here are a couple of videos about hitting full shots that I think are must-watch, but then again, I think all of the videos above work together and are important.


Though this is about curing a slice, about halfway through he talks about the need to let the clubface square itself,

 > versus MOST golfers’ tendency to try to guide the clubface toward their target [which is both distance and accuracy killers].

This next video is related to the one above but more from a full shot perspective:


2) The A to B Drill To Ensure the Club is on the Right Swing Path [4:53]



I hope this helps – if you have any questions or comments please write back.

By the way, I can recommend a training aid that I just bought myself and tried out that I am very impressed with as something that will help any golfer regardless of their level of play or their particular swing fault.  Write back to ask about the link for it if you are interested in more information.



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