Ted Williams here, Certified Instructor – Croker Golf System [Peter Croker, PGA-Australia] and MGS Head Coach and Contributor.

Clubface control [on any club, any shot] comes down to maximizing stability of the clubface at and through impact.

And maximizing the stability of the clubface [at impact] has to do with:

> maximizing mass transfer from the body to the clubface at-and-through impact..

And maximizing mass transfer from the body to the clubface has to do with the hands pushing against each other; that is, opposing each other.

Hands push against each other and oppose each other for stability and connecting-syncing hand action with body action:

> This idea of the hands opposing each other is a classic technique so that the hands can be the source of motion for the body [which is the best way to ensure hands and hips are in sync].

> Peter Cowen is often regarded as the best golf instructor in the world, and he is in step with the technique that Peter Croker, PGA-Australia [my mentor] and I teach.

> Watch the [5:00 – 8:00+] for a few minutes regarding stability through impact having to do with the hands opposing each other [pushing against each other].

Worlds BEST golf coach TRANSFORMS my game in 25 MINUTES!!  [5:00 – 8:00+]

“Physiology of Impact – Chip Shot Technique Demo” [Article with embedded video]


Video – Maximizing Mass Transfer From Body To Clubhead At Impact [5:02 to 9:40]


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By the way, I can recommend a training aid that I just bought myself and tried out that I am very impressed with as something that will help any golfer regardless of their level of play or their particular swing fault;

> that is, the most common swing fault by far is lack of forward shaft lean at-through impact [or, related, getting forward shaft lean by pulling the handle forward with the lead hand versus pushing the handle forward with the trail hand].

Write back to ask about the link for it if you are interested in more information.


Ted Williams, MyGolfingStore Head Coach
Certified Instructor – Croker Golf System