Dear Robert,  Thanks for the great question on a very important topic being that of “weight transfer”!

Ted Williams here, Certified Instructor – Croker Golf System and Head Coach/Featured Contributor for My Golfing Store

First of all, from my experience, when folks ask about or talk about weight transfer they are referring to more of a swaying action which every golfer who wants to gain sustainable consistency wants to stay away from as far as they can.

So, instead of weight transfer, which implies swaying which we want none of, it really becomes a question of hip rotation

> namely internal hip rotation [internal – as defined and demonstrated in the following video by my mentor, Peter Croker, PGA-Australia [and associated MGS blog article link]:

Article With Embedded Video Regarding Hands Being The Source of Motion for the Hip Rotation [so as to “turn in a barrel”]:

Embedded Video / Peter Croker, PGA-Australia Demonstrating Hands As Source of Motion for hip rotation [classic “turning in a barrel”]:

This recent blog-video of me teaching a student should help you: 

> get started on learning these hip rotation movements 

> and how the hands are the source of motion for the hip rotation 

> by isolating the backswing pivot and fore-swing pivot, and 

> isolating how the timing-free transition is triggered [to change from backswing to downswing].

 And note that the first few minutes of this video goes into more detail about the Timing-Free Transition:

“The Push-Together Approach [Versus The Pull-Apart Approach] To Replace SLACK With FEEL For Dependable Ball Striking Through Maximum Ball Compression”

Timing-Free Transition video [especially the first five minutes]:

Plus here’s an article with embedded “Hip Pivot Dance” video to learn the rhythm of the pivot action:

” Wax On Wax Off Video Series Finale; The Mechanics and Dynamics of the Pivot in Detail; How to Learn a Proper Pivot Using the Pivot Dance”

“Hip Pivot Dance” video:

There seems to be a lot here, and yeah maybe there is, but not as much as you might think because it is all connected – just different perspectives and ways to explain and demonstrate a proper “turn in the barrel” classic hip rotation.  

I hope it helps – feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.


Ted Williams 

Certified Instructor – Croker Golf System

Head Coach/Featured Contributor for My Golfing Store