The Mainstream Approach To Fixing The Dastardly and Pervasive Over-The-Top Move Seldom Works As It Avoids Addressing The Root Cause

October 09, 2020 by

Our next video series will address the age-old, WAY-too-common, over-the-top move that is seen as the single most prevalent hurdle to consistently solid ball striking. This move causes nearly every crooked shot from pull-hooks to push-slices, from fat shots to thin shots;  > and the oh-so common garden variety…

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The ‘Release’ Is Probably The Most Misunderstood Term In Golf Instruction; New Video Series Covers The Many Releases And Their Sequencing

September 08, 2020 by

Understanding replaces thinking. Doing relevant drills to experience that understanding builds competence. Competence breeds confidence. Confidence builds the states of mind, body and emotion needed to play golf at your best.” – Peter Croker, PGA-Australia Ask yourself, your golf buddies and even instructors what…

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