About Us


My Golfing Store was founded on the core belief that we could help everyone reach their maximum potential at the great game of golf!

When we all first started to play golf as a young kid, we thought it was all about getting out there and swinging as hard as we could and praying that we hit it straight (this rarely happened unless you were born a natural). As any golfer can relate, you get a great amount of joy when you really send one out there!

Through all the years of frustration, we eventually figured out that golf is a game of finesse, consistency and confidence. Here at My Golfing Store (with some help from our PGA coaches along the way) we’ve developed a great golf program that has helped thousands of golfers become better at golf. We take the time to explain common faults in the golf swing and make it easy for all to understand.

With our online coaching videos, you will become a much more confident, knowledgeable and consistent golfer. Our platform is easy to use and mobile friendly so that you will have easy access to all of your videos while at home or on the course. Having a problem slicing the ball this round? Simply pull up one of the videos and work your way back into a straight shot!

The best part is that we update our site with new videos each month! If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we encourage you to contact us so we can make a new video for you! We love the game of golf as millions do and are very appreciative of your business.

We personally look forward to working with you all and excelling at golf together.

My Golfing Store Inc.