While all sports require dedication and precision, few require quite as much as golf. The complicated and precise physics which play into a great swing are part of what makes golf so difficult yet rewarding. No matter your experience or handicap there is always room for improvement in order to unlock a consistent swing pattern.

Continue reading below to learn five of the best ways to improve your golf swing.

1. Keep Your Hands Low

Depending on the shot you are going for a low trajectory may be necessary. A common practice especially for novice golfers is to hit a stronger club with a “half swing” to keep the ball low- but this is not the best tactic.

Instead, put focus on keeping your hands lower than usual during your followthrough in turn lowering the shot’s trajectory.

As you rotate through your swing you should finish with your forearms parallel to your spine.

2. Don’t Rely On Arms For Power

While it may be tempting, trying to rely on your arms for swing speed can actually harm your overall swing. Instead, focus on generating power through your entire body. 

With your body at a complete stop, place your club behind the ball lined up for a shot. Now, try to hit the ball without any backswing. Continue practicing this to master body power and eliminate sloppy swings from the arms.

3. Find Your Elbow Positioning

This tip relies more on personal preference. Some golfers prefer to keep stiffer, more tucked elbows during a swing while others prefer a looser and more free elbow positioning. Experiment with both styles and determine which gives you the best balance of power while not compromising on consistency.

Regardless of how you position your elbows, always remember to keep your shoulders controlled and in check. This allows you to keep your swing fluid and your aim on point.

4. Never Flip Your Wrists

If you find yourself out of position during your swing it is your body’s natural reaction to flip or turn your wrists over, usually right before contact with the ball. Not only does this lead to poor contact and an unpredictable shot, but it can also lead to wrist injuries.

To avoid this, practice keeping your leading arm in line with the head of your club throughout your entire swing.

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